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NOTE: If you wish (not recommended) we have also created a portable version of the software. It does not install permanent files on your hard drive. We DO NOT provide licensing support issues with this version and if you have issues, the above installer version will have to be used. The portable version is provided for convenience only and may not be updated in future.

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Again, thank you for using our software! It makes us feel warm and fuzzy when people use products we created. Unlike many of the large software companies, we at JettDigitals mix in lot's of love into our products.

IF DOWNLOAD START IS SLOW TO START, IT ONLY MEANS SERVER IS BUSY SETTING UP OTHER LICENSES. Your download will start within 60 seconds and after license is associated with your email

Each product has been carefully tested before releasing to the general public but, please keep in mind even the best programmers can let bugs slip by. We aggressively monitor our software for issues and most of the time fix before 99% of users know about a bug.

NOTE ABOUT LICENSES: Unless otherwise stated all of our software comes with "two computer" licenses. You are welcome to place a copy on your desktop and laptop, any combination of the two or give a copy to assistant. We understand that people work in many places these days and allow extra IP's but, we also know when people share our software. Please do not be someone that forces us to disable your license for sharing. We would hate that but, at same time have to pay our bills too...